During this time, marijuana is considered to have a pretty bad reputation, especially in health problems. The use of marijuana in inappropriate and careless doses can indeed cause many health problems. Suppose addiction, anxiety, or brain damage associated with memory. A study even found that the risk of heart attack increased within one hour after someone smoked marijuana. But all the bad things happen because there is no supervision of people who have professional abilities in the health sector, and also there is no maximum dose used by people who use marijuana in the wrong way.

Because marijuana is also a drug and until now it is a research test material that is still continuing to get maximum benefits in the health sector because marijuana also has a good side and can be used in terms of health if used properly. Here are some health benefits that you might not know or become a reference for those of you who are going to undergo treatment using the Medical marijuana, so you can make references to marijuana that cannabis can be given for health, also visit “Medical marijuana Zenabis” for more information.

  1. Alzheimer’s

Based on many studies that provide the conclusion that marijuana can actually slow down Alzheimer’s disease that attacks the brain.

  1. Anxiety

Research has found that marijuana has an effect that can help calm one’s anxiety. Of course, this only applies to the use of marijuana in the right dose.

  1. Arthritis

Cannabis is known to relieve aches and pains, as well as inflammation associated with arthritis.

  1. Cancer

From the results of many studies, marijuana contains cannabidiol which can kill the genes used by cancer cells to spread throughout the body.

  1. Epilepsy

In a study, researchers found that marijuana could be used to stop epilepsy. Even so, this research has only been conducted on animals and has not been tested in humans.

  1. Glaucoma

Researchers are currently developing new drugs with basic ingredients of marijuana to treat pain caused by glaucoma. This was done by researchers after learning that marijuana is effective for treating glaucoma.

  1. Lung health

Research has found that marijuana can increase lung capacity.

  1. Multiple sclerosis

A study found that cannabinoids found in marijuana can reduce symptoms and pain caused by Multiple sclerosis.

  1. Nausea

Marijuana contains THC, THC in the right dose can function to relieve nausea, and can even be a drug to make nausea, depending on the dose used.

  1. Parkinson’s disease

Research has found that marijuana can be used to treat tremors and improve motor skills in patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Those are some of the surprising benefits that marijuana has for health. For your use, it must be kept through consulting a doctor or an authorized institution in order to achieve maximum positive benefits.10 surprising benefits of marijuana for health.